The year 2011 has been the adventure of a lifetime for this Army family, and that adventure could not have taken place without the outstanding help of Michael O’Rourke.  While retiring from the army after 26 and half years, we also were moving to East Tennessee and starting a new career.  The easy part was the move to Tennessee and finding our dream home.  We gave Michael our parameters of what we were interested in, only had short weekends to come down from DC to see them and try to make a decision that was for better or worse going to be our last move.  No easy feat, but Mike made it so easy for us.  Once we found the place, he stepped in to take care of many of the processes that would have required one of us down here to deal with.  We are so ever grateful for someone who went above and beyond the call of duty for two strangers.  Michael was prompt, courteous, and generous with his time and stayed right on top of things as they
progressed towards the closing.  The property was unique and a learning process for all involved but in the end couldn’t have worked any smoother.  What we have learned was immeasurable and we made new friends in Mike & Laura that we will cherish always.

Nick & Lori,